A modern day head scratcher (extracting from infinite scroll)


Hi all,

So I am trying to crawl data from a page with infinite scroll on, with very little success.

The site is: https://www.ticketsoxford.com

I have followed a few tutorials which should resolve the problem, they didn’t.

I also tried this one: http://support.import.io/knowledgebase/articles/389408-how-to-solve-a-problem-like-kickstarter_

But with no success. Following the kickstarter aimed one, after I inspect the element with it fully loaded I can see under the Network section I can see a url (see attached) however this does not run as a stand alone page. As such it is not possible to run an extractor on it.

Really would appreciate some help!


Hi Adam.towers!
As far as I can see these url do run as they supposed to, delivering the data sequentially. Just look at screenshots to make sure: