API key keeps changing



My API key has changed at least three times lately. Why? It makes it rather impossible to schedule any API calls…

Please fix this bug.

Also reported here without any comments from Import.io: Is it possible to prevent API key changing?


Hi Joamlin,

This does appear to be an intermittent issue affecting users seemingly at random. We are trying to figure out what is causing this to happen.

To you have a log of when your API Key has reset itself and have you noticed any correlation with any other actions you may have undertaken on the site?

Thanks for your help trying to diagnose this issue.



Thanks Nick for the quick follow-up.

I can guarantee that I’ve not made any changes to my extractors prior to the API key changes.

I do have my own exception management when my scheduled API calls fail, so when every single job fails, I know for sure that my key has changed.

According to my own log, this is the three latest failures:

  • 2016-10-17: Jobs scheduled to run 02:00 AM and forward failed due to wrong API key
  • 2016-10-15: Jobs scheduled to run 02:00 AM and forward failed due to wrong API key
  • 2016-10-11: Jobs scheduled to run 02:00 AM and forward failed due to wrong API key

As you can see, it has happened quite often recently.

My username is ‘joamlin’.

Thanks for looking into this.


Thanks Joamlin.

I have added this information to the bug which we are tracking internally as ONE-1568.


Well, here we go again! All my scheduled jobs failed this morning.

My “old” API key that worked the other day:


This is at least the fourth time this month - please, please narrow down this bug now! It’s kind of critical that your API keys are changing without your knowledge.


Hi Joamlin,

I’m sorry to hear this happened again to you.

We are aware of this problem and this behaviour does not reflect the level of quality we expect from our product.

The team is looking into this problem to provide a solution in the short term. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.



Maybe this behavior doesn’t reflect the level of quality you expect from your product, but as a programmer, I really can’t understand why this behavior should be that difficult to stop. This has been going on for quite some time now.

However, my API key has changed once again. Old key:



Seriously? This happens every other day now!

Please prioritize.


Dear users,

This issue was resolved in early November.

For more information on bug fixes and new features release on the product, please check the Product Releases page:

Import.io Team