Bug: "There was a problem processing the page"


When I go to edit a basic extractor, it says “There was a problem processing the page”

I tried going to the “history” tab, but there is no edit function there.

Also, kinda wierd, but on the old dashboard I see only old campaigns, and on the new dashboard only see my new campaigns. Not that important, just FYI


Hi @onlinefun

Can you share the Extractor GUID? It’s in the URL bar when you have the Extractor selected on the dashboard.

If this is a bug, I’d like to figure out what is happening.

On your second comment. - The dashboard and Web versions of import.io are separate platforms, so API’s created on the desktop version will only show on the desktop dashboard, whereas only Extractors created on the Web Version will appear on the Web dashboard.

Hope this Helps.