Can I extract Data from LinkedIn by


Hi, I am new here & i am looking a extractor for LinkedIn. Is it right place?


I think scraping is against LinkedIn terms of service and in my experience they would actively prevent attempts to scrape their platform data.


Hi Tajul_Islam,

We don’t allow extraction from LinkedIn.




In the Welcome notice for new users it says we believe in Civilized Community Behavior at all times. Does that mean lying is banned from this community? Because if it is then there is a problem with Nick’s reply. I tried to build a LinkedIn scrapper in Import IO and it did not say that it was not allowed. It said:

Sorry! This website is not compatible with – It’s a big World (Wide Web) out there and not even can work with every single website available. Nevertheless we are working tirelessly every day to increase our coverage and over time you will see this message less and less.

So is it incompatible or is it not allowed? Someone it lying. Either Nick or the Executive Management team of Import IO. Either way, this community has not exercised Civilized Community Behavior in this matter.

I expect some attack or sarcasm or to be banned or the message deleted or some reproach or hypocritically criticizing me for a legitimate criticism. We will see how civilized this community really is.


Import IO specifically says it does not get between the user and the data he is scraping except to scrape it. However, if there are complaints about a specific user then they will talk to the two parties to try to settle it. Import IO is not bound by the TOS of any sight’s memberships, because they are not party to the agreement. It is up to the one scraping to abide by the TOS. Import IO is only a tool and a tool cannot be held accountable to any TOS.