Cannot run extractor - will exceed limit (it wont)


Hi there,

I’m trying to run an extractor of 495 urls (on the free plan, so my limit is 500).

Every time I try to run, I get the following message: Error message: Run not started as your plan limit will be exceeded

I have tried to cut down the urls to 400 and it still gave me the same error message. Screenshot attached.



Thanks for raising this error. We are looking into the possible causes of this issue.


Thanks for your response, just tried again today and still having the same issue. Any news?

To note: I have also requested a trial of premium 3 times in total and have heard nothing back, and same when enquiring about the startup plan.


Hi again Nathan.

The original issue is still being investigated.

Not sure about the premium trial requests. I’ll direct message you about this now.



i think they have limit of 109 url per day …i also get same error after 109 urls proceed


Hi Matt,

There is no specific daily limit in place. There must be something to do with the configuration of your extractor.

If you can share the GUID of the Extractor perhaps we can take a look for you. This article demonstrates how to find the Extractor GUID:

Feel free to add a screenshot of your dashboard too so we can see what’s going on there regarding query limits etc.