Divide Column Values Into Unique Rows


The data in my columns is coming out delimited with ;'s. I need these to be broken into individual rows. I had a tech help me, but I believe he used a feature not available to normal users.


Hi Mark,

How’s it going?

Did you figure this one out in the end?

Depending on the website, sometimes this can be done within the product. The feature that allows this is something that we are working on…

You can keep track of updates here:

In the mean time, If some of your output is being returned separated by semicolons, there are a few things you can do in you database to convert this into rows. Google is your friend here, but here is a good one:

Here is another method:

https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/416510-split-data-after-each-semicolon.html the entry by rassten.



I can do a lot in excel, but there are times when it’s a real pain to divide up the data into columns from the extractor. I wrote a script that will parse that into multiple rows for me, but because I have so many different extractors, I have to edit the code every time to make it work.