Extract from Javascript Using Interaction


Complete newbie, trying to extract data from multiple generated pages on this site: https://webapps.dwd.in.gov/INTraining/search-flow.htm?execution=e2s3

Was told by support that I would need to use the interaction feature, so I’ve set up the initial steps to get to where I need to go:

  • Click “Search Training & Education Programs”
  • Scroll to the State section and unselect “Search All United States”
  • Under “Indiana Economic Growth Region,” select “EGR 1” from the dropdown
  • Then scroll to the bottom and click “Search Programs”

It takes awhile to load the next screen (around 65-70s)–when I initially tried to run the extractor, it ended up just extracting information from the original page (linked above). So, I added a bunch of 5s Pauses and tried running the extractor again.

This time it looks like it is actually running on the page with results (the page is fully loaded before the extraction runs), but then an error message comes up: “There was a problem extracting data from this page.”

Wondering if anyone can clue me into what I am doing wrong and provide some guidance on avoiding and additional errors in extracting data from the 19 pages of results. I would greatly appreciate it!!


Hi there! It looks like Rose got back to you so we’ll make sure to keep in contact!