Extracting from AliExpress.com (needs login)


Hi, I’ve created a couple of extractors to grab data from AliExpress, and they’ve worked great thus far. However, now AliExpress is expecting the import.io extractor bot to log in before it can see search results. Is there a way to log it in (like with a cookie or something) because all my URLs I try to search on now just bring up the login page asking for credentials?

Thanks in advance!


i was going to ask the same question, i have spent hrs trying to figure out how scrap the aliexpress product page but each time i try every link is redirected to login page.

please we need help on how to get around this.


I am trying to do the same with Aliexpress.com and Wish.com. The first extractor I did (playing around) worked great last night. Then when I went to use it today it takes me to the Aliexpress.com homepage and wants a login. Why did it work the first time I ran it (last night) and now the next day it doesn’t.
Please help!


Import.io does not support authenticated extractors. I have extracted data from aliexpress messages before and I can help if you send me a individual message.


I have the same problem other users have to extract from aliexpress. Can you help me to avoid it sends me to the login page ? Thanks in advance for your support


Any luck with this issue yet. I have the same problem


Hello Manojnahar, can you tell us how you extracted messages from AliExpress before without having to login