Extractor Discrepancy - Table Issue?


Hello Import.io Community,
I created an extractor from the following websites:


However, I received a message: “There was a problem processing the page.” I believe this may be a bug, due to how the website’s table is formatted.

That conclusion is due to the extractor working for the following link:


Then I searched the old forums to see if there was a generalized solution but no dice.
Any assistance would be great.


Hi. I followed the intro video using the NBA website as an example. I looked at the URL that was used and mine was the same. When I went for the extraction I got two columns of data. The video had many columns. Noting that the website has changed since the making of that video, just looking at the graphic design and everything. I haven’t had any luck with this website so far using the csv download feature.


Hi JoShmo84,

I checked the url you sent and it’s working now.

We recently made some mayor improvements to our renderer engine and it might be the case that some urls that didn’t work before might work now.

Please try again and let us know if you are facing any issues.

Import.io team