has ads popup after every URL change

#1 has full-page ads/quotes pop up after practically every URL change and in order to see the data I want, I have to click in the upper right hand corner of the ad where it says, “Continue to Site >”. But after I toggle on the extractor, the extractor, as always, reloads the page and then the full-page advertisement pops up again.

This quote thing sucks and I wish it would go away on its own after the count down.

Obviously, I cannot tell the extractor the data I want until the ad goes away, but when I click “Continue to Site” after the reload, nothing happens and the tab changes its title to “GIF 1x1”.

Check out until a full page quote/ad pops up, and then please advise me!

I should post some pictures:

The first pic shows what I see when I first go to the website I want data from; the second, shows the reload after I turn the extractor on; the third, shows a black window and the fact that the window tab is titled “[GIF 1x1 pixels]”. The extractor loads the second-pic screen about two times before finally changing to the black screen.
I wonder if there is any way to get the full-page-advertisement/quote screen to go away; Please help.

The second and third pics will be in two other posts which have similar titles…

Okay, I created two other related posts with a pic in each

Is this a technical question? Should I be posting in that forum?