Format of Downloaded CSV - Multiple Items in One row


I’m scraping some detail pages in which images are placed in a gallery. I’m finding the xpath for the gallery but when I download the csv file, the are delimited by “;” (semicolon) which works for the first few images but then sends about half the image urls to the next column which pushes the entire row forward until the alignment is off.

This also happens with description info. Sometimes the description info is split into 2-3 different selectors. I will select each one to make sure they are all in the same column and it looks perfect In the data example but when downloaded to csv, it sticks each selection into a blank column or one saying “Description-alt”.

Is there any info on the differences between “auto rows” and “single rows”?


Hi there,

This issue is now resolved. Please give it a try and let us know if you have any problems.

Thanks, team