Free Plan. This is the end?


I just reiceved a mail

“As part of our January product launch, we will no longer support APIs in our free version.”

It means that since Feb 21th the free version will disappear?



No, the free version is not disappearing but it will not have the public API capability. It also does not have authenticated extraction or scheduling.


what exactly is the “public API capability?”


and what happens after the “free trial?” What are users able to do, and how many queries per month do they have?


Hi there,

When the free trial expires you are back to the free plan with 500 queries per month.

Thanks, team


@Bamford_23 When did this become all about the money? What’s more important - making money, or providing the maximum amount of people with the maximum amount of free data scraping services?? Geeze man. So, you have to take a night job at a pub to support your volunteer work at Don’t be lazy! It’s worth it to keep the free plan going.