How to scrap from marketplace data to shopify accepted csv file


Hi, I am running a shopify online store.

My industry are basically on some normal daily items, and basically most supplier is the same.

Could anyone advice me, how to scrap market place data into a csv file that I could direcly mass upload the products to my shopify store?

Or should I build a csv file base on shopify templates, and then do the scrapping process base on that.

How could I do the scrapping instruction in this case?

For example I wanted to scrap LAZADA.

Thank you and best regards!


I have some experience of scraping pricing data from price comparison sites and direct ecommerce websites. I can share my 2 cents here.

Best to start with end in mind. Your end goal is to have products in your shopify store.

  1. So start looking at what data shopify need for mass uploading of products.
  2. Start mapping out fields from data feed to the website where you want to get the data from.
  3. Start writing extractors that will extract the data you need. If you are going to extract similar data from multiple sites make sure you name fields same in extractor so that aggregating data becomes easier.
  4. Once you have one or many extractors ready, do a bulk extract and get the data in CSV file. If columns have been named correctly then data should already be in the format ready to go to shopify bulk upload.

I hope this helps.



Dear Dude!

Thank you for sharing your helpful idea with me!

Best regards!


Hi Dear Mr. Manoah,

Could you kindly advice me how could I scrap

  1. Multiple image from Amazon or similar marketplace or ecommerce to one single column?
    (At their original size)

Currently I could only scrap one picture per url.

Another issue is that,
2. I couldn’t scrap the picture from my supplier website. E. G.

Is there any way?

Thank you and looking forward for your kind advice.


Ps: I notice at the discussion forum mention not to scrap too much items in per scrap, is there this issue exist? Any amount would you advice per scrap? Thank you!


Every page will have different way the images are loaded. Please give me an example of a page and I can guide you how to download all the the images into one column.

Again here give us an example of the page and I can guide you how to download images unless the website is actively stopping scraping.


Manoj, I need to scrape data from in to a shopify .csv file. I already have all the skus for the merchandise I purchased. What is the best approach to obtaining the rest of the necessary data (product description, photos, etc.)?