I keep getting: 'There was a problem processing the page'


When i try to create a new extractor for: http://www.banpresto.jp/prize/series/P008.html

I get the error: ‘There was a problem processing the page’

It’s weird, because some other pages on that website do work, but this one doesn’t. Could it be because right click is disabled on the page, or because the page loads VERY slow?

What can be causing this error and can Import.io fix it?


Can anyone help?
Still encountering this bug.


Import.io support, is this a known bug?


Hi Thonis,

Can you try this:


See if that gets you what you need.



Wow that works, thank you. How were you able to do that? Im still unable to create an extractor for the page.


I had the same error trying to run the following extrctor (onte month ago worked):

Can the support team halp me please?

Tank you