Intermittent Importer Errors : Bad JSON or Query Too Long


Having some issues on an importer, to a website in particular (it works 10% of the time), and I believe it is a bug of some sort.

And 90% of the time it doesnt work it alternates between the following errors

  • Bad JSON cannot create query
  • Insufficient capacity / Servers under heavy load
  • Query took too long, site is slow to respond

I’ve tried re-creating the API in Magic also, and it is also showing the error

When I am creating the API it extracts data fine no issues, but once it’s published it no longer works (also on the extractor sometimes it wont publish the API)

For the following URL

Extractor API 37b1e986-469d-4c21-8ea4-31827c638d5e
Magic API 864c2b65-b5f4-4cf4-9e23-3f94bb73f671