Live query return format changed?


Hi all,

Perhaps this is a feature rather than a bug, but I haven’t found it mentioned anywhere. For the last two days, when using the live query URL my extractors have been returning data in a different format than usual and this has (of course) broken my app integration.

The live query used to return nice JSON in the same format as the “JSON from the last run” tool, but now it returns data in an unusual structure with strings not encapuslated by quotes. I can post examples if this doesn’t sound familiar to anyone.

Was this a deliberate change? Is there a way to get the old nice JSON data from the live query tool?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


Hi @rbkburke,

It’s not intentional, sorry. We’ve recognised the issue and are fixing it right away.



All should be fixed now! Sorry about this!


Yes, it’s working great now. Thanks a lot for the quick reply & fix, much appreciated!