Load more button and picking up URL


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I am checking a site as a test with this URL https://entrenar.me/list/barcelona?country=es

With this URL the extractor shows 12 records that are properly mapped and a “mostrar más” button (load more).

Using the article about infinite scroll I managed to identify the GET request when loading more records.
Request URL:https://entrenar.me/public/entities?campaign=&concept=&country_code=es&discount=&discount_type=&final_price=&free_session=&gender=&lat=41.38506390&locality_name=barcelona&lon=2.17340350&max_price=100&min_price=0&page=2&service_groups_id=&sport_id=&type=
Request Method:GET

But if I use this URL in a new extractor it returns an error.
I tried the URL directly in my browser and I get a text file returned with
{"items":{"data":[{"id":6748,"name":"Jordi Sonet","locality":"Barcelona","lat":"41.38506390","lon":"2.17340350","price_average":"34\u20ac hora","free_session":1,"image_profile":"https:\/\/s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws. and more data…

Not sure what I am doing wrong. Seems the second URL only retrieves data, not the page structure so don’t know how to continue.


Hi, Skyclimber!

With this query you get a JSON object, which can be easily converted into csv format either manually (via notepad++, programmers notepad or another editor with basic bulk find/replace functionality) or using a relevant online service (just google “JSON to csv online converter”).

Hope this help.
Good luck!