Need help with getting golf data


I am very new at this and trying to learn, but i am having trouble with building an extractor. I am gathering golf score data from websites and need to go several layers deep and from multiple years. I am not sure if that means I need to chain the extractors. Here is the website I am trying to get the data from.

I will need to at times change the TName and the YR1 to compile the list.

Once the list of tournaments comes up, there is a tournament ID. Is there a way to get all the tournaments data without getting each of the tournament ID’s. The example is below, which is the first golf tournament on the list (AJGA - Mayakoba Junior Golf Classic)

I am just trying to figure out how to get the data from each golf tournament. I am not sure how to write the extractors so it pulls all the information from each.

Many thanks for the help.



Hi there,
Here is the User Guide page that describes how to create 2 (or more) linked extractors:

And if you want to parameterize the name and the year on the list page you can also do that using the URL Generator:

Thanks, Team