Old App not working anymore?



Currently none of my crawlers / extractors and API’s are working.

I’m getting zero results for 40 projects I made, even manually the process keeps running or gives no response.

Is this because Import.io is changing policy about the old users?

Hoping to get a quick response,




I am having the same issue and would certainly appreciate being given some guidance as to whether or not the promise to allow existing users of the desktop app to continue using the product is still valid.

Would it be possible for somebody to let us know what the status of this is please?

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Same here! I have to crawl 3000 URLs and NOW I have a limit of 500 URLs. According to import.io own announcement https://www.import.io/post/our-biggest-update-ever/ “You will be able to query and extract new data exactly the same as before”. Well I would not call a limit of 500 URL the same as unlimited URLs like in the good all times. No cool. Thanks and goodbye.