Organization of Extractors


Hey guys,

Is there a better way to organize extractors? Folders would be super helpful, along with the ability to see more of the name of the extractor (dynamic width sidebar or maybe forced line breaks?). This is getting extremely difficult to keep organized. Thank you.


Hi @spinner903

Thanks for your comments. At this time there is not a better way to organise Extractors - but your ideas are excellent.

I’ll pass these on to the team! @nicoletta.donadio @seewah.cheng

You can also add these to the ideas forum at



Hi @spinner903,

that’s very good feedback! Thank you!
We have in mind both solutions, folders and been able to resize the sidebar or even hide it.

While we are here, can I ask you if you swap between extractors a lot or not and if you would like to be able to hide completely the sidebar?

Btw any other feedback is appreciated! Thanks


Alex, the link leads to login to your internal google accounts. Please let us know the correct URL when you get a chance.