Please help me with identifying source pages in data worksheet


Hi Everyone

What a fantastic product, I have been trying to figure out how to do this for ages and finally gives me a solution that makes sense. I however have one issue and I am sure that this is not a difficult problem to solve but I cannot work out how to do it and would appreciate any suggestions.

I want to capture regatta race results for my sons rowing club.

The regatta results are listed on the page at

Each regatta is listed on this page, once you follow the link you get to a page which lists all of the races in the regatta.
e.g. /Results/results2017/2017ASSUMP/results.htm

This page links to the results of each individual race
e.g. /Results/results2017/2017ASSUMP/1_Final.htm

I am importing data from multiple race results multiple pages using the chain feature, works awesomely into google sheets.

The problem I have is that it is not possible to distinguish which race the data comes from once it has been captured.

To try get around this I created a two columns in my extractor to capture the Regatta info from each race page into each record from the page the data is captured from but it only captures it onto the first record from that page (2017 Assumption Convent School U14 U15 Regatta & Event 1 - JM14A 1x in the examples case)

for what I mean

The event and regatta info is only on the first line of each race, the rest are blank.
Can you tell me how I can automatically copy event and regatta names to every line of the “event” and “regatta” columns?

I have tried going to the website option when creating the extractor but only copies to the first line.

Any suggestions?




insted of dashbord use desktop app, With the help of old extractors you can achive your output.