"Please upgrade your plan to use this feature"


My ad-hoc API extractor queries stopped working today. It seems the requests are bounced back with a 402 error with the message “Please upgrade your plan to use this feature”. I’m on the free tier for sure, but I have been using the service with the same exact queries and this is the first time I see this message. According to my Dashboard, I’m also well within my monthly API query quota (but I assume the error message would be different if I were to exceed the quota limits).

The endpoint I’m using is: https://extraction.import.io/query/extractor/

Can you please advise?




I’m also getting the same also which is annoying as our site now no longer works, I’ve emailed the team and tweeted them but not heard anything back.

I did notice that when I signed up for a new account the free plan now no longer exists without any notice.



Dear users,

In order to keep a good level of service across an increasing number of users we have decided to make APIs available only for our premium plans.

If you’d like to upgrade or have any questions regarding our plans you can contact us at hello@import.io and we’ll help you find the right solution for your data extraction needs.

Import.io Team