Pricing model seems wrong IMHO


Hey Guys,

Firstly let me say I love the product and the Free Plan was perfect for us to get our very lean MVP startup up and running even with just the 500 requests a month this was perfect for us, but now it seems we’ve got to pay $249 p/m for less than 500 requests wasting potentially 49,500 requests and each request costing $2.49 each!!!

But still I think that the free tier was a bit tight for startups. IMHO a free tier upto 5,000 requests would be great (including API integrations) then a startup tier of $149 for upto 25,000 requests

Like a lot of other lean startups (just like I guess when they started up) we’re using lots of 3rd party services which provide substantial free tiers for companies like ours to grow and then pay for upgrades from free tiers as and when the time is needed. Because if we need to upgrade then we’re growing in size.

Services we use free tiers

AWS services




I have to agree, I’m surprised at the lack of lower-level pricing options. The fact that the lowest tier is 249$ dollars a month is a little extreme. Of course needs to make money, but it’s disappointing that they’ve chosen to remove API integrations for anything less than that. It seems like the gap in functionality and price between the free tier and the Essential tier is a lot bigger than it needs to be, and the people that this will effect the most are of course the little guys.

In my case, I’ve been a big fan of’s services since Kimono Labs shut down a year ago. However, on average I use the API integration 120 times a month, and that’s the only feature that I use. It’s regrettable that the new price structure would force me to pay almost $3000 a year for this very small usage; as a result, I’ve switched to an alternative scraping method and will no longer be using Unfortunate, but it’s my only realistic option in the face of the new pricing structure.


@rbkburke out of interest what alternative scraping method are you using?

We’re currently evaluating a couple and looking into develop our own.


Hi @Pricetracker,

I’m pleased to tell you that we do indeed offer a startup pricing plan and it’s very much in line with your thinking. The startup plan is part of our “Give back” discounts which are displayed on our pricing page. You have to scroll down to see them so perhaps they are not easy to find.

I can ask our sales team to contact you with more details.




Hi @nick.scott

I’ve seen this and have contacted on two occasions but not received any communications back.

If you could get a sales team to email the details or if you could post the details here then it would some we could look into to see if its viable option to continue with service.



@Pricetracker Sorry for the delay in responding. I ended up developing my own small scraping scripts. If you have developers who are reasonably comfortable with web technologies it might be a good option for you; it’s also of course more customisable than using a 3rd party service.