What happened to import.io will always be Free for Life?


Before the import.io pricing was Free for Life, it is now free but with limitation of 10,000 to 50,000 queries, which is NOT FREE thing ultimately.
I was thinking that Import.io manages Corporate stuff seperate, but now putting a limit for free users is not good, when you change your Policy like this. I know you will say company holds the right to change the policy anytime without notifying and I have agreed to it.

I love your services and will always be grateful for it, but it was a disappointment for me.

I hope you will not block my account or services after my feedback.


Hi @itsWrongGuy,

No of course you wont be blocked for voicing your opinion - it is a valid one! I can understand where you’re coming from of course, but unfortunately business decisions are sometimes made that don’t please everyone.

There is still of course a free version, and we are working really hard to make it an even better service that will provide value for everyone.

I hope you will you will enjoy the new features that we have coming soon!



Well not anymore. Free versions totally removed, “Magic” on homepage now locked down to a handful of website and a minimum commitment of $$$$hundreds per month for a measly 50k URLS.

Really poor offering now, I think alot of people will be shifting to cheaper comparable services, certainly all academics.

Things change, its sad, bye bye to your business model…


Hi Jonnybuy,

I’m pleased to say that we have some very attractive discounts on our standard plans specifically aimed at not-for-profits and education.

You can contact us to find out more via the pricing page (scroll down to see the discount options):