When editing URLs, characters type over existing ones


I had this problem about a month ago and I’m still having it now. When editing URLs for an extractor (i.e. editing text in the middle of a URL), rather than simply entering the typed characters, the characters are instead typing over the existing ones. This isn’t to do with the Insert key on the keyboard (which I know can be used to overtype) - I have tried pressing this key in case overtyping was turned “on”, but it didn’t make any difference.

I’m using Google Chrome. I’ve just checked in Internet Explorer (which I know isn’t a recommended browser to use) and the same thing happens there.


Hi Joanna!

I tried replicating this on our end but wasn’t able to. Would you be able try hard refreshing your browser (PC: Control + F5, Mac: Shift + Command + R) and checking that you’re at https://app.import.io/dash/extractors?

If that doesn’t help, then it would help if you could send a screenshot of the pop-up when you enter “Shift + Alt/Option + V” on the dashboard to support@import.io.

Thank you for notifying us of this and hope this helps you out!


I’ve sent the screenshots to the support address.

To be more specific about the bug - what actually happens is, when I type a character, rather than typing that character, the flashing cursor moves one character to the right (skips over a character) and then the NEXT character gets deleted - as if pressing the right arrow key followed by the delete key. For example, if trying to change 01-04-2018 to 01-05-2018 by typing a 5 in front of the 4 (before deleting the 4), the end result would be 01-042018.

There is also another similar bug where when I try to type anything it causes a whole chunk of text to be deleted (the number of characters that get deleted varies).

Sometimes I get the first bug, sometimes I get the second - but I always get at least one of them (or a combination of both)!

To get around it in the short term I’ve been copying and pasting the URLs into Microsoft Word and editing them there, then setting up the parameters again in import.io.


Hi Joanna,

Thanks for sending that in! I’ve gone ahead and responded, so hopefully we should be able to clear this up soon!